Action Programme "Tyrol Economy": Energy Consulting

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The province programme for operational energy consulting in Tyrol is conducted primarily by the Chamber of Commerce (together with Energie Tirol and klima:aktiv). The focus is on optimisation of energy use by means of new technologies. In addition, the Tyrol Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the regional energy agency Energie Tirol carries out audits of the tourist industry, preliminary assessments of potential energy savings and advice on possible measures for their implementation. The hourly rate for the consultations is €67 with possible discounts from 25 to 50 %. The energy audit of hotels, restaurants and other tourist businesses is free of charge. The regional energy agency of the province, Energie Tirol, focuses on consulting households and communities, and as a part of the action programme it serves as the organization for initial information on energy issues.

More information:

Beratungs- und Förderungsangebote zur Energieeinsparung für Österreichs Klein- und Mittelbetriebe