Austrian Energy Agency (AEA)

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The Austrian Energy Agency is an energy research and policy institution, in which the federal and the provincial administrations, as well as a number of important institutions and corporations from different economic sectors cooperate. New technologies, renewable energy, and energy efficiency are the focal points of its scientific activities. The objectives of its work for the public and the private sector are the sustainable production and use of energy and energy supply security. AEA is an independent think tank that manages knowledge, provides the basis for well-founded decision making, and develops suggestions for the implementation of energy-related measures and projects. The AEA prepares the ground for decisions in politics, public administration and industry by means of detailed research and by highlighting important dependencies and relations among topics. It also provides information to all target groups in the society on the background and the developments in the field of energy production and consumption. It brings together politics (the federal and provincial governments, the Association of Austrian cities and towns), economy (OMV, EVN, Wiener Stadtwerke Holding, TIWAG, etc.), stakeholders and organisations involved (WKÖ, IV, Fachverbände, AEE, Austropapier, Biomasseverband etc.) and scientific institutions (WIFO-CEPS, EIV, LEV). The main areas of activity are innovative energy technologies, energy efficient systems and renewable energy sources.

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