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In 2009 the new government of the Brussels Region decided to make the passivehouse standard mandatory for all by 1st january 2015. In Sept 2009, the new government published a "governemental" declaration of their policy. About energy and environment policy, they announced that the passivehouse will be a mandatory for any building permit. In May 2011 the law has been voted by the government: sind 2010, all public buildings must achieve passivehouse standard. From 1st january 2015, all buildings (new and "heavy renovation") must achieve Passive House standard. As of 2013, the law will gradually be applied over 3 years in order to realise a "soft landing". This allowed all the sector (constructions federations, real estate federation, architectes federations, engineers federations, nationat scientific and technics institute, PMP, PHP and the Minister) to sign together the "2015 passivehouse traite for Brussels". s

More information:

Bruxelles : le standard passif pour toutes les nouvelles constructions dès 2015.

Bruxelles passif 2015 : implications concrètes pour les acteurs du marché

Bruxelles, pionnière dans le 'standard passif'

Signature charte “Bruxelles, Passif 2015”

Archi Urbain: Signature de l'acte Passif 2015