Capacity building in the City Administration

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Hannover city Photo:©EnEffect

Internal reform of the City Administration

In order to realize the urgent measures for climate protection through reduction of energy consumption and the use of renewable energy sources the city administration of Hannover was reformed. To implement the objectives of its energy policy, the City Council established an Energy and climate protection section within its environmental protection division. Its goal is to set up climate protection programs and CO2 auditing, and initiate, devise and carry out municipal climate protection projects. As a result of it the municipal services and professional consultations were brought closer to their users and permanent monitoring was ensured of their needs and behaviour. Measures were undertaken for development of the officers in the city administration. Special attention was paid to enhancement of their leadership capacities, while the level of remuneration was tied up to the achieved results.


Local Agenda 21 – Status report (Hannover_Agenda_21_Activities_Report.pdf)