E.coBizz - Energy-efficiency for Businesses

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E.coBizz - Energy efficiency for businesses

For many industrial sectors the costs of energy are major expenditures. The E.coBizz campaign of the Klimaschutzagentur Hannover (Agency for climate protection - region Hanover) supports companies to reduce the energy cost by increasing the energy efficiency. E.coBizz provides energy efficiency checks, initial consultancy and detailed consultancy provided by independent energy consultants. The aim of the consultancy is to analyse the energy saving potential of the company.

The partners are Klimaschutzregion Hanover (Agency for climate protection - region Hanover), proKlima - the enercity trust, chamber of crafts Hanover, chamber of commerce Hanover.

More information:

e.coBizz - Energieeffizienz für Unternehmen