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Created in 1999, the Ecodynamic Company label is an initiative of Brussels Environment. Its goal is to encourage companies and organizations to actively commit to improving their environmental performance (especially energy consumption, waste management, and the efficient use of raw materials). The target groups are all enterprises and organizations (large and small, private and public, regardless of their area of expertise).

Specifically, the Ecodynamic Company label is a formal token of recognition of good environmental practices. It is awarded for a period of three years, and it gives companies one to three stars, depending on their performance. To receive a label, an organization must operate within the Brussels-Capital Region. The label also promotes setting up a system of environmental management in the context of the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) or ISO 14001. Obtaining an Ecodynamic Company label requires going through the following steps:

  • Formally announcing candidacy for a label by signing the “Eco-dynamic company charter.” The signature obliges the company to commit to the 27 principles of eco-management, outlined in the charter.
  • Receiving free guidance from a Brussels Environment consultant during the process of implementation of the 27 principles;
  • Submitting a formal application for the label to Brussels Environment, no later than 2 years after having signed the charter. The application includes an environmental analysis, and an environmental program.
  • Welcoming an on-site visit from the Brussels Environment jury, which will make a field assessment of the company before making a decision on whether to grant the label.

Companies that obtain the label are featured extensively in Brussels Environment publications, and on their website. In addition, the enterprise is allowed to affix an Ecodynamic Company label to all its communications and marketing materials. For those organizations that obtain the label, EMAS registration and ISO 14001 registration becomes easier.

More information:

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