Ecological Standards for Building Construction

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Parallel with the application of the three low-energy standards for buildings of new construction (LEH, LEH-plus and PH), Hannover Municipality has introduced also a series of ecological requirements, applied in the event of construction of buildings municipal property or in the event of build-up of municipal plots sold to building contractors. These requirements comprise the urban development plans (build-up density, solar orientation, engineering infrastructure), as well as the application of the above listed standards in the construction of new buildings. The selection of any of these standards is subject to negotiations between the municipality and the contractors prior to signing of the respective contract for sale of municipal land or prior to the issue of the respective building permit. Parallel with it, connection of the new buildings to the environmentally most efficient district heating system is ensured. In the majority of cases that is the system of Stadtwerke Hannover AG, which uses a significant number of small co-generation plants and renewable energy sources. These ecological requirements are applied in the construction of residential buildings, as well as of commercial sites and facilities. It also stresses that Hanover has committed to a higher standard in the future: 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by the year 2030.

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