Economic feasibility of Passive House Design

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Are Passive Houses more costly than traditional buildings?

Obviously the windows have better quality, the insulation is thicker, the ventilation system has better quality and the workmanship of the construction as well. Are they too costly? While a study in Brussels have shown that using an integrated project design and delivery approach the costs for passive houses are not higher than conventional buildings, the Passive House Institute has accomplished the PHPP9 with a financial calculation tool ‘PHeco’ which perform the recalculation of annual expenses to present cash values.

The article describes shortly the PHeco and shows how to design Components for energy efficient renovation (EnerPHit) and new buildings so that all measures as a bundle are economically feasible as well as energetically reasonable. It includes cost calculation procedures such that architects and engineers can work with.

Passpedia website: | Economic feasibilty of Passive House Design