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Thermally insulated water pipes, valves and high efficient circulation pumps of heating systems in a large building, Passive House certified, in Hannover (photo by eERG-PoliMI Reasearch Group)

In order to mitigate СО2 emissions and achieve more efficient energy use Hannover Municipality established close operating collaboration with the business community and more specifically with the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the region. For this purpose it built a local public-private partnership for sustainable development Ecoprofit. It is based on a tripartite co-operation between the municipality, SMEs and experts. Ecoprofit provides consultancy and financial support to raise the knowledge and preparedness of the enterprises for curtailing their production costs through reduction of waste and harmful emissions.

More information:

Case study: Ecoprofit - A local public private partnership programme for sustainable development pp. 53-59

Website Ökoprofit Hannover

Website Ökoprofit Graz