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The “Exemplary Buildings” program (Bâtiments Exemplaires, or BatEx) is the main financial incentive instrument of the Brussels regional government to encourage demand for very high energy and environment efficiency construction based on a yearly call for proposals. So far since 2007, there are 156 low-energy buildings financed with amount of 24 million euro, invested into 354,000 m2. BatEx funds are available for single-family or collective housing units, collective facilities (e.g., school, hospital, or nursery), and offices, commercial or industrial facilities. All projects must be informed by passive standard guidelines (it must strive to be a zero-emission building), the project must prioritize the use of eco-friendly construction materials, and to consider natural cycles and biodiversity. Additionaly, the project must demonstrate a high architectural quality, good visibility, and a satisfactory level of integration into existing stock, it must be simple and feasible in technical and financial terms, with reasonable payback timelines.

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