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Harenberg contains 30 semi detached passivehouse for rent. Massive construction. Construction cost = 1 027€/m² including landscape (means 80% regarding standard construction costs), integrating support of the passivehouse training for designers and craftsmen from PMP/Construction federation. 3 377 m². The plot located in the North of Brussels Region is owned by the municipality. The tender call made by the municipality integrate the DBF-method. They launch the tender for 30 semi detached houses, in passivehouse, integrating eco friendly concepts and supported by the "exemplary buildings" policy of the region. The project is one of the PassReg beacon projects. It is under construction and will be completed in May 2013. The specification book of the tender is available. There is the description of the performance to achieve and market condition of the tender.

Download tender: Tender


More information:

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La Régie foncière des Propriétés communales

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