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Kamp C, named after an old British army camp, is the provincial centre for sustainable building and living in Antwerp. Our mission is to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society, particularly in the built environment. We do this by various activities and actions towards our main target groups: citizens, governments and companies.

Historically Kamp C started as an advice and information centre for citizens. With an exposition on sustainable building and living and free and independent sustainable building advice. We have various advisers, architects that are experts in sustainable building and living, that can help citizens with their building plans.

In coordination with the municipalities in the province of Antwerp our architects also give advice to citizens in the local town hall. In addition they advise the municipalities on their building projects. Furthermore they help them with the Covenant of Mayors: from getting them involved to help them set their goals and aid with ambition levels.

Recently we have started to focus more on the building sector and how to get them involved in sustainable building and innovation in the sector. To do this we’ve created the vision ‘De Wijk van Morgen’ or ‘The District of Tomorrow’. Under this vision there have been several ‘cleantechcafé’s’ where companies could get innovation vouchers for their innovative products or service, to help them accelerate towards market introduction. Also the online platform www.dewijkvanmorgen.be was created to gather all relevant news about innovation and sustainability in the building sector. The idea is that companies should only need to check this website, or read the newsletter, to be up to date about all the relevant news in their sector.

To support the vision and mission of Kamp C we are involved in several projects about the upscaling of NZEB renovation, the uptake of the circular economy in the build environment and 3D printing in the building sector.

Kamp C also has a business centre with various sustainable companies mostly related to the building sector.