Local Participation in Agenda 21

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Describes the decision of the City Council to establish a local Agenda 21 office in the city of Hanover, as well as the signing of the charter of Aalborg. The City Council of Hannover understands that the sustainable development can only be achieved when everybody contributes. The success of Agenda 21 depends on the NGOs, industry and economy and educational institutions. This is why Agenda 21 Office is established in Hannover. Its purpose is to coordinate the dialogue on Agenda 21 and to implement it within all social groups. The Agenda 21 Office in Hannover works together with national and international associations, institutions, networks, etc. to support the future sustainable development. Part of the Office's contributions include the preparation of events, exhibitions, training events and informational materials and presentations. To achieve the objectives of Agenda 21 at local level, the Agenda 21 Office works with more than fifty institutions, organizations and associations in the fields of environment, culture, policy development, integration, business, health. A full list of the Office's partners is available at: http://www.agenda21.de/partner-2.html

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Source: http://www.agenda21.de/