Lohbach, Innsbruck

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Context: Tirol

Back in 2000, when the project Lohbach was completed, it was the first low-energy housing project of this scale in Tyrol. It had the largest solar energy panels` area – 1.180,00 m2. This sustainable project also takes advantage of reusing rain water. Lohbach consists of 298 residences, from which 101 are rented. Additionally, there are 16 housing units for senior citizens that Neue Heimat Tirol (NHT) has built for Innsbruck Social Services.

  • Site Area - 14.897 m²
  • Area of Building - 4.850 m²
  • Gross Floor Area - 28.200 m²
  • Net Floor Area - 22.150 m²
  • Commencement Of Planning - 1997
  • Commencement Of Work - 1998
  • Completion - 2000
  • Energy Demand - 20 kWh/ (m2.a)

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In 2008 new 128 rooms (residential apartments and nursing home) were built with an area of 7.791 m2. Lohbach is one of the first NHT`s low-energy projects. Since it has proven to be successful, nowadays all new NHT projects are passive buildings. Lohnbach is also considered as one of the milestones in low-energy construction`s development in Tyrol.