Low Energy Building Cluster Tyrol

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Low Energy Building Cluster Tyrol is a public-private initiative of the Austrian Federation of Industry in Tyrol and private companies, mainly from the construction industry, established in 1999. Its mission is to accelerate the market penetration of low energy buildings and to increase the construction quality of new buildings, as well as of the renovation of existing ones. This mission is achieved by networking, professional training and definition of common quality standards. To ensure construction of low energy buildings (including complying with a passive house standard) at high quality standards the cluster is active in the following areas:

  • standardisation of the products (e.g. passive houses ) of different companies;
  • development of innovative products and services;
  • motivating and improving the qualifications of employees (and companies);
  • change of public regulations and general market conditions in favour of low energy buildings;
  • “clustering” of independent companies.

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