Master Plan 100% for Climate Protection

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Nineteen local municipalities throughout Germany, two common goals: 95% less greenhouse gas emissions and 50% reduction in energy consumption by 2050. The participants of the pilot project are a model for different settlement patterns. They show how the path toward the German goal of reducing CO2 reduction may look. Since June 2012, the Environment Ministry supports these communities for four years in the creation of a municipal masterplan 100% climate for climate protection (Phase I) and its implementation through an institutional climate Manager (Project Phase II).This is a national support programme as regional part of the German energy transition process (Energiewende).

Municipal members are (cities and/or regions): Bensheim • Burbach • Enkenbach-Alsenborn • Flensburg • Frankfurt/Main • Göttingen • Hannover • Heidelberg • Herten • Kempten • Nalbach • Neumarkt i.d. Oberpfalz • Landkreis Marburg-Biedenkopf • Osnabrück • Rheine • Rostock • Landkreis Steinfurt • St. Ingbert

In Hanover this project is a cooperation between the City of Hanover and Hanover region with a budget of €1.2 million.

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