Olympic Village, Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria

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Short description of Olympic Village, Innsbruck, Tyrol:

The new apartment complex for the 2012 Youth Winter Olympic Games demonstrates the potential for a large scale building project, complying with the passive house standard. The development consists of 13 apartment blocks, comprising a total of 444 apartments for accommodation of the participants in the Olympiad, which after April 2012 were made available to local residents.

Main features: • Very low energy new building ( <= 25 kWh/m² annual heat demand) • Treated floor area: 32229 m2 • Annual heat demand: 18.2 kWh/ (m2.a) • Total primary energy demand (domestic hot water, heating, cooling, household electricity): 108 kWh/ (m2.a) • Primary energy demand: (hot water, heating and auxiliary electricity) 33 kWh/ (m2.a) • Heat load: 13.3 W/m2


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Youth Olympic Village

More information about Lodenareal, Innsbruck: