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The photographic volume “1st Passive House Architecture Award – the Finalists” documents the 10 award winners and the 14 finalists who reached the final round of the 2010 Passive House Architecture Award, illustrating that a high standard of energy efficiency and good architecture can complement each other splendidly. It has been published by the Passive House Institute with the kind support of the German Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Development. “The results of the competition organised by the Passive House Institute show that a high standard of energy efficiency and good architecture are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, they can complement each other splendidly“, says the German Federal Minister of Building Dr. Peter Ramsauer in the foreword. “The Passive House concentrates on the structural details and remains consciously aware of every architectural style, as it is beautifully clear from this photographic volume”, adds Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Feist.

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