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Office Building aha wastemanagement, Hannover
Copyright: Schröder Architekten

Short description:
Building type : Social and office building
Location : Hannover-Buchholz/Kleefeld
Year of construction : 2011-2013
Heated usable space: circa 3.835 m²
Units: 120 office workspaces;social area for 125 employes
Subsidies : proKlima

The Region of Hannover's association for waste management (aha) planned to construct a 4-story social and office building on its central business premises. The Z-shaped building's front structures create orientation towards the northern entrance area and towards the heavily trafficked recycling center to the south. The diagonal connecting section marks out broad open spaces on the ground floor in front of the common area and the side entrance. The ground floor has a business unit with social rooms and a common area; work plans are distributed there in the mornings as well. The greened terraces help improve the microclimate on the premises, which are largely sealed off for work-related reasons. The building's interior holds two utility service shafts which lead to the communication zones. These provide spaces for employees to stop and have short conversations. The Z-shaped floor plan creates two zones on each of the four stories; this helps ensure that departments or subject areas are arranged together in groups rather than being scattered along a long hallway..

More information:
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