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The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) is the key design tool used when planning a Passive House and as such, serves as the basis of verification for the Passive House Standard. The PHPP energy balance module has been shown to be able to describe the thermal building characteristics of Passive House buildings accurately: energy balances can be calculated with the PHPP to an accuracy of +/- 0.5 kWh. Based for the large part on European norms, the PHPP makes use of numerous tested and approved calculations to yield a building’s the heating, cooling and primary energy demand, as well as its tendency to overheat in the warmer months (within the framework of the EIE project Passive-it PHPP has been extended for the assessment of summer comfort and cooling).

While the PHPP was developed specifically for Passive Houses, it is a design tool that may also be used for other buildings, including even retrofits of historical buildings. It is an ideal tool to design NZEBs. To start with, this clickable map helps to identify the requirements in your region:

Map with component guidelines for cost-optimal Passive Houses and EnerPHit retrofits

More information:

iPHA Website

Info on PHPP - The energy balance and Passive House planning tool

Demo version

online order (EN): PHPP Passive House Planning Package

online order (DE): PHPP Passivhaus Projektierungs-Paket