Project in schools for the dissemination of energy saving and renewable energy

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Sensitizing youth through meetings in schools is important in raising awareness about energy saving and renewable energy. The project focused on visits to retrofitted buildings and to the municipal plant monitoring process. The visits and school meetings were informal in nature, yet education projects are a complementary and essential activity to make the most of retrofitting. In addition to sustainable energy plants, eco-friendly attitudes are indeed fundamental to further energy conservation.

The informal education projects organised by the Municipality of Cesena addressed the whole citizenship. The educational activities were tailored to all categories of the public, encouraged active involvement and assured a pleasant engagement.

  • Students participated in workshops and study visits to buildings where retrofitting was completed. Thanks to the contribution of “Energie per la Città”, a subsidiary company of the city, the Municipality of Cesena already retrofitted 83 public buildings and 19 schools. The schools have been provided with solar panels. All of these structures are located within the Cesena district. All the retrofitted buildings are continuously observed by the Municipality through monitoring. Students have also been involved in the production of publicity material. These activities involved 250 pupils in 12 classes.

  • Children and families were addressed by day-time events and recreational activities organized in squares and parks in the city.

  • Adults and aged citizens were invited to attend evening meetings, held in public places in each of the administrative wards of the district.

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