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The publications available from "House of the Future" are divided in the following main topics:

  • Final reports from the program "Building of Tomorrow"

Publication of research results from the projects of the program. See Austrian Programme on Technologies for Sustainable Development "Nachhaltig Wirtschaften"

  • "House of the Future" Research Forum on Sustainable Development

The Research Forum regularly reported a concise picture of the results of research, technology and development in the field of Sustainable Development.

  • Brochures, guides and movies

Publications, teaching and training materials, guidelines, quality criteria catalogs, technical articles, films and other targeted research results that were created as part DERS program.

  • For project participants

In R & D for Sustainable Development are templates and materials for the project participants in the programs of the future energy systems, energy of the future factory of the future home of the future and the IEA international research cooperation.

More information:

Publikationen Haus der Zukunft