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Short description of this project:
Oakmeadow Primary School, is one of the first schools in the UK to receive Passivhaus certification in February 2012. Designed and built to the rigorous Passivhaus standard the twoform entry primary school (420 children) also includes facilities for a local ‘Multi Agency Support Team’. The building, orientated on a complete East-West axis has been modelled to meet the technical demands associated with Passivhaus, which has influenced every decision about form, design and detailing, whilst ensuring focus has remained on simplifying and optimising the design. The school has been constructed from a simple and robust palette of materials including; timber cladding, zinc roofing, timber windows and doors externally, timber screens, natural linoleum, organic paints and stains internally. Architype are providing a series of ‘soft landings’, easing the occupiers into the building operations and guiding them to achieve optimal use of the building.

Climate data for Wolverhampton, England :
Wolverhampton's climate is oceanic (Köppen Cfb)

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