Climate Alliance Hannover 2020

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Hannover city

In 2007 Hannover Municipality decided to reduce its CO2 emissions by 40%. In connection with that the same year the Climate Alliance Hannover 2020, was founded. Its objective is to unite the efforts of some 80 public institutions and private companies for implementation of this strategic task. The partners are representatives of industry and the services sector in Hanover, of the municipal administration, the energy and other utilities, etc. The Hannover City Council and Stadtwerke Hannover AG city energy utility again united their powers and became the major drivers of the new association, which on 12 September 2008 launched the ambitious Climate Protection Action Programme for the period 2008-2020. According to that programme by 2020 the CO2 emissions in the Hanover region will diminish by 40% as compared to their 1990 level, which means that the region will emit every year 1.8 million tons greenhouse gases less. The implementation of the programme is performed in the framework of the three main networks, which are the pillars of the Climate Alliance Hannover 2020 - Energy Efficiency Network, Partnership for Climate Protection and Opinion Leaders’ Network.

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