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The rapid increase and territorial expansion of the activities for climate protection and energy efficiency improvement in Hannover at the start of the new Millennium imposed the setting up in 2001 of the Climate Protection Agency Hannover (region) - CPAH , whose objective is to cover the entire region and to take up the new challenges, related to energy conservation and broader use of renewable energy sources. CPAH plays an important role in multiplying the experience of Hannover and in promoting Passive Houses and renewables. It organizes several campaigns a year and local Passive House Days. CPAH is focused on the region, but also works in proKlima area. CPAH and proKlima cooperate on the base of a mutual agreement. proKlima supports the agency with expert knowledge, printed materials and subsidies (when performed in "proKlima area), while CPAH organizes campaigns and events, serving as a "communication network agency". Jointly they organize common events, like solar festival, CHP-Campaigns, common newsletter, etc. An example is the campaign "Start well advice", which aims at timelimited street by street energy consulting to reach out for energy savings with modernization of old buildings. Presently the Agency has established itself as a leading not-for-profit organization in the region, which coordinates the implementation of the Climate Protection Action Plans – CAP. Involved in them under different forms are all stakeholders, among which are the municipality of the City of Hannover (the capital of the region), the Hannover Region, as well as two energy suppliers, 6 other companies and the supporting public.

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