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Approaches of calculations that include all costs during the whole life of a building (construction costs, maintanace costs, costs of utilization and costs of demolition and reuse/recycling steers) towards a more durable and cost-efficient design on the long term.

The estimation of the Life cycle costs (LCC) or the approach of DBFM are ways to consider higher investments to create buildings that are more cost efficient in maintenance and occupation. Extra investments into energy-saving measures appear as more cost-efficient. This usually leads to an more intelligent approach of design construction and domestic engineering facilitating cost- and energy-efficent long term use.

Look here for information of developments in the frontrunner regions:

Investment and decision models in Frontrunner region Hannover

The models for economic analysis of construction projects used in Hannover are generally one-of-a-kind for individual cases. proKlima supports regularly feasibility analysis to investigate the economic efficiency of (large-scale) passivehouse projects. In this surveys Life-Cycle-Cost play an important role. One example is the Survey of the Energy supply strategy of the zero-E-Park Hannover: Abschlussbericht Versorgungsvarianten.pdf

Investment and decision models in Frontrunner region Tirol


EconCalc is a full-fleged tool for calculating costs for construction projects. It is developed by Energieinstitut in Vorarlberg together with other partners . EconCalc is suitable for calculating lit cycle costs.

for download and more information:

Rhomberg Bau

Rhomberg Bau is a builder advanced in Life cycle approach and sustainable building:]

They have developed their own appropriate calculation tool: Lebenszyklus_kostenrechner


University FH Kufstein has focused on research and teaching lifecycle costs:



In subsidy programs of the districts life cicle costs are established as "Ökologische Wohnbauförderung", subsidy for ecological construction.

Federal state Vorarlberg is leading:

an analysis of the different federal states by Thomas Bellazi:

Investment and decision models in Frontrunner region Brussels

As far as we know there are no public accessible decision models in the sence of a scheme to simplify the decision process of enery saving measures applied yet in Brussels in the context of DBFMO or LCC. Passivehouse projects in Brussels are mainly not based on special “ investment and decision models”, but just on policy decisions.

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