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In the 1980’s in America alternative delivery systems emerged as attempts to create a more efficient design and building proces, to reduce conflict between the parties, to reduce the time to deliver and to more satisfy the client/tenant. These approaches can lead to lower costs for all parties’ involved and better quality of the project.

Design-Build-Finance (DBF) process is a a value-based Design-Build approach, now popular to enable large scale projects. The contracting entity (tenant) contracts with a single entity to provide design and construction services combined with a financial construction organized by the executive contractor. Often the tenant hires the real estate owned by the financier. Sometimes the construction contains repayments.

In Belgium and Brussels for instance DBF is a regular way for tender calls. See also Financial arrangements and contracts based on a guaranteed energy-performance.


The Design-Build-Finance-Maintanance (DBFM)-method includes contracting the executive party maintenance organised by the. This method of contracting helps the executing party to concentrate on avoiding high costs of maintanance on the long term and ensures higher quality of the building.


The Design-Build-Finance-Maintanance-Operation- approach (DBFMO) takes also costs of utilization such as energy costs into account. With this approach investment into high quality and energy-efficient design comes forth as most cost-efficient for both tenant and executive party.

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