A practical approach to integrated designing and building

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Sustainable building has become a team sport in which the most optimal form is sought in the areas of technology, exploitation and operational management. Sustainability is a combination of comfort, ecological materials, participation, efficiency, flexibility, design, etc. In other words: buildings developed using a sustainable approach are nice places to be, now and in the future. To achieve this, it is essential that the client, the design team and the implementation team collaborate. The approach to building shifts from building in series to serially developing individual projects.

The guideline "A practical approach to integrated designing and building" precisely describes the framework that enables the collaboration to optimise the processes of designing and building.

For this holistic approach of shared knowledge the practical presets in the form of contracts and the various ways to arrive at an integrated approach are discussed. The morphological approach to working requires the support of an efficient information flow. BIM and LEAN can help you to act simply and flexibly. And to keep the focus on the client.

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A practical approach to integrated designing and building