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Informational brochure published by PHI/iPHA (suitabel for all target groups): Content: How does a Passive House work? Which requirements exist with regard to components, planning, design and project implementation? Which suppliers offer the necessary components? Who plans Passive Houses and who implements their construction? What is it like to live in a Passive House, what has already been built and why are Passive Houses such an attractive investment? In order to competently answer such questions, the iPHA has created an informational brochure entitled, Active for more comfort- The Passive House.

If you wish to translate the brochure and adapt it for your country to spread the word, please contact iPHA:

More information:

The Passive House Brochure - A PDF of the English version is available on the iPHA Website

Passivhaus Broschüre - Example pages of the German version

La Passivehaus - PDF of the Italian version

Order hardcopies EN/DE:

The Passive House Brochure