Draft of a Passivhaus in Granada

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Moraleda de Zafayona (Granada) (Andalucía)

Short description:

Draft of a Passivhaus in Granada, situated in Photovoltaic Park of Assyce Goup in Moraleda deZafayona (Granada) Spain. The project was designed for the solar park. As a structural element ISO recycled containers are in use for developing the house as quickly as possible - the duration of construction lasted just 4 months. As a prototype this house offers the possibility to observe and monitor the energy consumption over a year as well as to be used as a source for research of passive houses in Spanish climates.(2)

More information about this project:

Project Moraleda de Zafayona (Granada) (Andalucía) - in English

http://www.ecoholistica.com/ - in Spanish


Climate data for Andalucía region :

Andalusia sits at a latitude between 36° and 38° 44' N, in the warm-temperate region. In general, it experiences a Mediterranean climate, with dry summers influenced by the Azores High, but subject to occasional torrential rains and extremely hot temperatures.[19][20] In the winter, the tropical anticyclones move south, allowing cold polar fronts to penetrate the region (1)