Examples of cost-optimal / low-cost passive houses

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Passive house solutions adopted in new buildings and in renovations can present lower costs in term of global cost over considered life span, while generally the initial investments to reach the selected targets can be higher respect bad levels of performances. This is not always true, because the amount of initial investment to develop a project of new or renovated building is determined by several factors and features. It is so possible to optimize all aspects of a building project in order to reach a high quality buildings, mainly focusing on its energy and comfort performances, controlling the initial investments level at the same time. Actual examples of this integrated process are many projects of social housing Passive House buildings we can see in Europe also in the framework of the PassREg project. In addition for example an analysis conducted on the construction market in Belgium showed that initial investment costs of Passive Houses are not necessary higher respect buildings with worse energy and comfort performances. Actual data show that it can be close or even below the average initial costs for construction of conventional buildings.

Here some actual examples of Passive social housing and cheaper passive house projects: