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Nowadays, trainings on Passive House or EnerPHit Standard and use of Renewables are offered in most countries.

For a complete list of training institutions participating in the training programmes "Certified Passive House Designer" (for architects, engineers,...) and "Certified Passive House Tradesperson" (for craftspeople, such as bricklayers, electricians,...) please visit: Passive House Designer certification and Passive House Tradesperson certification

Sustainable Building Facilitator Network

The Employment-Environment Alliance (AEE)

Plateforme Maison Passive (PMP)

Passiefhuis Platform (PHP)

Professional Reference Centre for Construction

Brussels Enterprise Agency

proKlima Climate Protection Fund

KUKA Kronsberg Environmental Liaison Agency

Climate Protection Agency – Hannover Region

Climate Alliance Hannover 2020

Ecoprofit Partnership


BRE – Passivhaus Designer and Tradesperson training

Strathclyde University – Passivhaus Designer training

AECB/ Carbonlite – Passivhaus Designer training

Read more about training possibilities in the Passipedia Education and training section