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Basic situation

In 2012, when the project began PassREg, Burgas has no passive buildings. Public awareness of the principles of passive house is very limited. The same can be said also for public administration and professionals in the city. One of the best ways to make the topic of passive buildings a part of the public agenda is the development of a beacon projects, by which the local authorities can categorically demonstrate the advantages of PH compared to the conventional buildings.

First steps of the Municipality towards nearly zero energy buildings.

After careful analysis of the options, the management of the Municipality chooses to design the new art gallery is a pilot project of passive building. The building was selected on several counts:

  • - Located in the center of the city, diagonally opposite the Town Hall;
  • - The building is a public, high attendance;
  • - The building is located in a narrow plot;
  • - The building will be one of the cultural symbols of the city;
  • - The building is a challenge in terms of functions and specific microclimate, which is required for storage of works of art;

This building is a very valuable example of Burgas, because thanks to the project we were able to conduct several information meetings with various stakeholders, we have increased the administrative capacity of the municipality and were able to provide the necessary technical information for designers.

Once the technical investment project was ready, the students from the Vocational School of Construction Architecture and Geodesy acquainted firsthand with the specific details and solutions in the design of the building and will be able to follow the whole cycle of construction.

During the construction works at the start of a new stage the Municipality will organize information meetings with the builders and designers, where everyone can get acquainted with the specific activities that are currently being implemented. An innovative approach was deemed to finance the building. Initially the building was supposed to be financed under the Operational Programme as a conventional building, but the Municipality together with the designers developed estimate documentation in such a way that allows the financing of main activities under operational program and co-financing of municipal for activities that are necessary to achieve passive house standard.

A working group of municipal administration together with the design team also developed exemplary documentation for tenders that can be in accordance with national legislation and at the same time ensure high quality of the completed works, including certification of buildings.

Public awareness raicing

Besides conducting during the project information sessions and trainings, Burgas will continue its campaign to promote the passive house standard namely through its pilot project. The building will participate in the annual days of passive buildingsby providing the event to be celebrated with info day in the building, and the square in front of the municipality on the model of the Brussels challenge on the ice. After finish of the building on its facade will be installed dashboard for monitoring the energy consumption of the building, air quality and operating costs for heating and cooling compared to conventional indicators of building for the same purpose and volume. Thus, visitors can learn about the proven benefits of the implementation of passive house standard in combination with renewable energy sources.