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De Kroeven is a district in the city of Roosendaal built between 1958 and 1966. The original houses were built with cavity walls and had Label G. 246 of the terraced houses were upgraded to passive house retrofit standard in 2010 changing the energy label from G to A++. The retrofitting process took place in two parts, with two different architects and building methods:


134 houses by DAT architecten

The outer brick wall was removed and replaced by a timberframed facade including tripple glazed windows. The roof was replaced and the brink passivehouse

exploded view


brink climate systems

112 houses by Franke architekten

112 houses were insulated on the outside and finished with stucco. Windows and window frames were replaced by passive house quality and the roof was replaced by tiber framed roof panels forced ventilation with heat recovery was added. and to both projects 2 solar collectors to each house.

exploded view


Reducing CO2 emission by 60% From using 2000m3 gas / year to 400 m3 in 2011.


an extra investment of € 25.000 - € 29.000 to upgrade to passivehouse level.

Rent and energy costs together form housing expenses. By adding 65 euro to the rent and reducing the energy costs by 65 euro/month the finance of this project was realized. Guarantee: if cost of saving is less then rent increase, AlleeWonen for a maximum of 5 years pays back the difference

Other actions used to recover the investment: - selling existing property - extra rent increase in future - increase property value


Residents of these houses were involved in the building process. During and after retrofitting the were coached and educated in the way of living in the new house and using new equipment. Using manuals in DVD, photos and personal visits.

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