Support for education and trainings in the City of Hannover

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Building in Hannover Photo: EnEffect©
  • Environmental education
  • Courses at Hannover community college
  • High schools in motion
  • City libraries media stock on Agenda 21
  • FLUXUS – the network for personal and professional orientation

In addition to the general awareness level of the stakeholders, the implementation of the programmes related to climate protection and energy efficiency in Hanover requires specific approach to each of them . To this end a system of centres for specialized information and consultations for the different stakeholder groups (households, investors and builders) was built in the municipality. Through the specially built national network for professional orientation the municipality attracts young people to the training opportunities and orients them towards construction of low-energy buildings and renewable energy sources. A series of courses and professional handbooks ensure specialized qualification of those employed in the sector.

More information:

Local Agenda 21 – Status Report (Hannover_Agenda_21_Activities_Report.pdf)