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The Knowledge institution for Energetically Renovation and New building (KERN) is established for the acceleration of the implementation of knowledge about designing and construction of nearly zero energy buildings.

The reason for the establishing of KERN is the understanding that educational opportunities turned to be a bottleneck for the successful large scale implementation of Passive House Technology after political decisions to make this mandatory for the region Brussels in 2011. The fast implementation of knowledge and the cooperation of all training organisations for the building sector were needed to meet the suddenly increased demand of education. The Dutch educational programs do not line with the expected fast transition towards an energy neutral building sector. The implementation of new or adapted modules takes several years. Education in the Netherlands is nationally organised; therefore this national approach was needed. This led to the decision to establish a separate national foundation next to the regional oriented parent organization DNA in de bouw. The lessons from Brussels and the actual Dutch training situation led to the primarily strategy of KERN: facilitating the existing training bodies in the Netherlands to efficiently implement and spread the missing knowledge to craftsmen, designers and homeowners.

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