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During the International Passive House Conference there are special tours where the participants get the chance to visit a variety of Passive Houses. Similar tours are also organized during the International Passive House Days. Passive Houses study tours were conducted in Brussels and Hannover as a part of PassREg projects. Similar tour is yet to be organised in Tyrol in October 2013. Additionally, PassREg's partners also set up visits to passive houses.

Study tour during the 17th International Passive House Conference

No other city has more Passive House buildings than Frankfurt. Participants of the International Passive House Conference 2013 will be able to take a look at some selected examples including a variety of residential buildings and offices but also other buildings types such as schools and a fire station. Building owners and occupants will explain the special challenges presented by the respective projects. A total of nine guided tours will be offered on Sunday 21 April. One of the tours will include a very successful Passive House project in the Frankfurt Nordend district. In order to preserve the historical appearance of the school building, it was decided that the new school canteen should be located underground. "Our very first underground Passive House – which is simply out of this world," says Mathias Linder, Director of the Energy Management Unit of the City of Frankfurt Building Department. In the neighbouring district of Bornheim we will visit a children's day nursery built in the new residential area of Eulenberg. Besides the clever arrangement of the rooms which allows the use of natural light, the intricately worked plaster facade is of particular interest here. In Praunheim, the Liebigschule Passive House school sports hall which has been built as a flexible modular system will be viewed. "This is a building block system which adapts to its surroundings," says Linder. It will also be possible to visit the Carlo-Mierendorff School in Preungesheim which represents an innovative refurbishment project. Another interesting excursion will take visitors to the Bahnstadt district in the city of Heidelberg, located just a hundred kilometres south of Frankfurt. An entire urban district has emerged on this former rail freight terminal, with different types of buildings built to the Passive House Standard. A lively mix of residential, scientific, commercial and cultural buildings on 116 hectares of land makes this project a model for sustainable urban development. "Wide-scale application of good concepts is necessary for the energy revolution," explains Ralf Bermich of Heidelberg City's Department of Environmental Protection. "The Bahnstadt experience shows that this is possible with Passive House using expert and creative approaches.“ The excursions will start in the morning on 21 April 2013 from the Frankfurter Congress Center premises, the venue of the International Passive House Conference 2013. The price of € 95.00 for each excursion includes the cost of transfers and catering as well as tour guides with English translations. Tours will end in the afternoon at Frankfurt’s central railway station. The number of participants is limited, therefore early booking is advised.


Passive House in Hannover, 2012

TOUR 1 | Non-residential building (short tour) | 9:00 - 15:00 New build school canteen, new build children's day nursery, new build/refurbishment of a school under construction (sturdy shoes necessary)

TOUR 2 | Frankfurt City (short tour) | 9:00 - 14:30 Exhibition of wall constructions by the ABG housing association, new build residential/commercial building, refurbishment of an apartment block

TOUR 3 | Frankfurt Riedberg | 9:00 - 15:30 New build sports hall, new build apartment block, new build school complex (16.000 m² TFA)

TOUR 4 | Large projects | 9:00 - 17:00 New build laboratory and offices (27.000 m² TFA), new build school complex (16.000 m² TFA), new build office building

TOUR 5 | Living in the city | 9:00 - 15:30 New build social housing estate, refurbishment of an apartment block, new build detached house, new build terraced houses

TOUR 6 | Urban planning challenges | 9:00 - 16:30 Refurbishment of an apartment block, new build school complex (sports hall and kindergarten 7000 m² TFA), new build terraced houses, new build detached house

TOUR 7 | Non-residential buildings in Frankfurt | 9:00 - 16:30 New build fire station, new build/refurbishment of a school under construction (sturdy shoes necessary), new build school complex (sports hall and kindergarten: 7000 m² TFA), new build office building

TOUR 8 | Darmstadt | 9:00 - 16:30 Refurbishment of an office building, new build/refurbishment of building with offices/apartments, new build apartment block (partly under construction), new build terraced house (partly under construction)

TOUR 9 | Bahnstadt Heidelberg | 8:30 - 17:00 Offices and laboratory buildings, town houses, students hostel, building supplies warehouse (Those wishing to end this tour in Heidelberg may do so at 15:30 p.m. at Heidelberg’s Central Station).

17th "Passive House Conference" flyer

16th "Passive House Conference" flyer

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