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The City of Frankfurt is committed to climate protection using the Passive House Standard and Renewable Energies

Latest development – Master plan for 100% Climate Protection

The City of Frankfurt is one of 19 German municipalities which are participating in the programme “Master Plan for 100% Climate Protection” by the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety. All municipalities are developing a master plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 95% by the year 2050 and to point the way towards a climate neutral society. The master plan covers several areas of activities. In the building sector the Master Plan for 100% Climate Protection includes the Passive House Standard and also plans for the City to be fully supplied by renewable energies in 2050.


Flyer Masterplan (only in German).

Commitment to the Passive House Standard

This very successful development was initiated as early as 1991. Building policy today consists of two main principles.

One is the Climate Protection Concept: Aus der Politik - Klimaschutzkonzept (Version 2009, in German only).

It covers a wide range of proposed measures for reducing CO2 emissions. These include an integral concept for communication relating to climate protection, a quality standard for energy-efficient renovation in Frankfurt, quality assurance by means of an energy pass, ecological rent index, capacity building campaign for multipliers, “Frankfurt’s Passive House Loan”, etc.

The second fundamental principle is the Passive House Act. The City Council of Frankfurt has decided that all municipal buildings (new or refurbished, owned or newly rented) and buildings belonging to the City's own housing associations must be realised to the Passive House Standard. It also stipulates the use of renewable energies for new non-residential buildings. (§2443, 6th Sept 2007) Passivhausbeschluss in German, and an English translation ).

In Frankfurt today, more than 100000 m² of Passive House floor area can be found in all kinds of buildings, and the housing association AGB Holding Frankfurt (with 50000 units) is promoting itself with the slogan: “We are the Passive House performers”

ABG Holding (only in German).