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Bouwnext is a team of experts on passive house and related issues. Working solo and in team format on ambitious projects. Roghorst is one of Bouwnext's projects

Bouwnext also initiates a 3 day courses on passive house.

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Focussed on construction design and BIM, B²CO is a solid and innovative partner in the team


Integrated design is the way to combine physical, social and economical solution to housing where costumers wishes and demands are integrated in the design. In this way of working input and knowledge of all team members is combined in the final solution, aiming for the highest quality. Due to a low failure rate this process reduces expenses and time.

HartmanBouw Visie

Design process supervisor. Taking spatial and technological possibilities into account, Hartmanbouw visie supports the team in design management and integrated thinking. BIM is the main way to communicate.


Projectmanagement. Expert on organizing complex building and civil project in an effective way.

Azimut Bouwbureau

Expert on energy efficiency and passivehouse concept. Azimut bouwbureau advises and calculates the energy and health related issues in projects - new and retrofitting - in a human and environmental aware way.