Quality Assurance for Renewable Energy in Passive houses

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The Passive House concept and Renewable energy are a perfect match: The very low remaining energy demand of Passive Houses can be covered by renewables on site or nearby. Research and knowledge transfer on Quality Assurance for Renewable Energy in the context of passive house design is available in various forms and for various target groups. General information can be found on Passipedia. Literature as well as courses on this matter for architects and other Passive House experts are also available. The topic forms part of the Passive House Designer certification scheme.

More information:

Protocol volume no. 46 of Research Group for Cost-effective Passive Houses “Nachhaltige Energieversorgung mit Passivhäusern (Renewable energy in Passive houses)"

http://www.passiv.de, (in future: http://www.passipedia.org)

Information in course “EnerPHit Plus”: Vortragstag Nachhaltigkeit und Erneuerbare Energien