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Plateforme Maison Passive (PMP) and Passiefhuis Platform (PHP) are sister non-profit organizations, leaders in the promotion of energy-efficient construction.

Plateforme Maison Passive (PMP) works in the francophone part of Belgium. 31 individual members and 22 enterprises, all concerned about energy efficiency, founded PMP in 2006. Its mission is to raise public awareness about the passive standard, to offer professional development opportunities and consulting services, to certify passive and zero-energy buildings, and to set standards related to energy in construction.

One of PMP’s main activities is to consult individuals and groups on passive building. In Brussels, the first session is free of charge, while the cost of any additional sessions depends on the type of construction project that the clients are interested in (tertiary or residential). In the Waloon region, PMP’s services are free of charge. PMP also provides a wide variety of basic and advanced professional development opportunities related to the passive standard.

Currently, PMP offers professional development courses in the following areas:

  • Summer internships (for professionals in the construction industry);
  • Passive Building (beginner and advanced courses) for the residential and tertiary sectors;
  • Use of WUFI software;
  • Dynamic simulation;
  • Use of PHPP software;
  • Use of Therm software.

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