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Passiefhuis Platform (PHP) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2002, and serves the Flemish part of Belgium. Its mission and activities closely mirror those of PMP. PHP’s membership body includes leading actors in the building industry: individuals, firms and institutions committed to sustainable construction and energy-efficient technology development.

The goal of PHP is to stimulate the construction of buildings with very low energy requirements, based on the passive house concept. On the one hand, PHP acts as a hub of companies involved in the passive house concept. On the other hand, PMP provides as much information as possible to all parties interested in energy-efficient construction.

The principal activities of PHP include:

  • Promotion of the passive house standard: especially in the house-building and tertiary sectors. This includes granting quality certificates to recognize potential, as well as completed passive construction projects;
  • Professional consulting on how to carry out passive housing projects;
  • Documentation of passive houses, as well as publications on passive building;
  • Funding of innovative passive construction ideas and technologies.

PHP’s target audience is multi-disciplinary, and includes members of architects, builders, engineers, consultants, local governments, and companies building sector. Currently, PHP has 15 staff members: technical advisors, R&D experts, communication and events experts, and administrative support.

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